About Gearheart:

Gearheart is a Denver based rock band established in 2006.
Made up of accomplished musicians Todd Campos on guitar,
vocalist Simona Campos, Tom Rinnert on bass, and Brett McEntire
on drums. Gearheart's original music has been described by
listeners as a return to classic rock styles reminiscent of
Rush and Jimi Hendrix. Gearheart also plays a long list of rock
cover music.

 Gearheart is:

 Simona Campos

Influences- Elvis, Heart, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Rush
    Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne
Music Background- Learned to read music and play clarinet
    in 5th-9th grade, was involved in symphonic band/choir in
    5th and 6th grade. Formed her first band in 1989 and began
    taking vocal lessons in 1990. Joined the band Talisien in 1991
    and began playing the Denver music scene. In 1995 performed
    live with the group Spirit singing backing vocals on
    Natures Way at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. Between
    1996-97 recorded her own original music in Nashville, TN.
    In 2007 she helped form the band Baker Street with former
    Beach Boys and Franky Valley member Adrian Baker.
    Baker Street performed all over Reno, NV and the western
    states for 10 years.
1st professional gig- With Talisien at The Broadway in
    Denver, CO 1991
Favorite piece of gear- Sennheiser microphones
Other interest- Reading, massage, sci fi, alternative healing,
    cooking, writing (authored a young readers metafiction novel
    "The Faerwald's Secret")

 Todd Campos

Influences- Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, SRV, Satriani, Steve Vai,
    Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nuno Bettencourt, Zappa, John Belushi,
    Steve Morse, George Carlin, Parents, AC/DC, Jerry Reed,
    Mohamed Ali, Randy Rhodes, Bill Parcels, Walter Paton,
    Jr. Brown, John Sanchez, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons,
    Rene Heredia
Music Background- Colorado Institute of Art course work
    in audio engineering, studied music theory at the
    University of Denver, private lessons with Rene Heredia in
    classical/flamenco, private jazz lessons, recorded two full
    length CDís and countless demoís, have been playing in clubs
    since 1987, and most of all, thousands of hours on my own
    mastering the guitar
1st professional gig- in 87í my brother and I had our first
    real band and played a few times in a place called the
    Wooden Rails in Grand Island, Nebraska. It was a roadhouse
    kind of place and the best part about it was our bass player
    was the only one old enough to be in there. The waitresses
    had to keep an eye on the rest of us to make sure we didn't
    didnít sneak any drinks. We always did and thatís what made
    it even better.
Favorite piece of gear- a guitar left to me by my grandpa
Other interest- Building things in my garage

 Tom Rinnert

Influences- Had a friend growing up that was into all kinds
    of music from England (Budgie, Status Que, Black Sabboth, etc)
    My mother's church organ performances. I think I was most
    influenced by Judas Priest.
Music Background- My mother made me take piano lessons as a kid,
    first few bands I performed as a bass player, switched to guitar
    and played around Denver in a band called DV8. Hooked up with
    Todd and switched back to bass. Studied voice at the
    University of Denver.
1st professional gig- I played a biker party in the foothills
    with friends. We called ourselves Weeks Notice because that's
    how much time we had to get things together.
Favorite piece of gear- I bought the fusion series PA from Mackie.
    We lovingly call it "Mama".
Other interest- Bike riding, video games, and education

 Brett McEntire

Influences- King Crimson (1969 - 1974), Emerson Lake & Palmer
    Yes, Rush, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd
Music Background- Piano lessons at age 6, marching and concert
    band in junior high thru high school (drums), played in various
    bands since 1978, Colorado Institute of Art - Music and Video
    program, various studio and live gigs, self produced
    Ambient/Space music CD "Timeless Perceptions", spent countless
    hours on my own learning Neil Peart licks stroke for stroke.
1st professional gig- New Years Eve 1978/79 at the
    Knights of Columbus Hall in Marshalltown Iowa
Favorite piece of gear- Slingerland drum kit and Ensoniq VFX
Other interests- art- mainly Salvador Dali, MC Escher
      and Norman Rockwell